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Fitness Centre Policies

  • 18+ age for fitness facility access; classes open to all ages

  • Fob replacement fee $20

  • All membership prices subject to 5% GST

  • Cancellation: If we receive a minimum of 7 days notice of cancellation request anytime after a 1 month term, you will receive a full refund for the remaining months of your term

  • Upfront payment of membership receives discounted rate

    • save $10/mth for 6 month term

    • save $20/mth for 12 month term


  • Upfront payment for a 6 month term receives 1 gift card for a 60 min massage treatment to be used within 1 yr at our Wellness Centre. Transferable. No cash value. Wellness Centre expected Spring 2024.

  • Upfront payment for a 12 month term receives 3 gift cards for a 60 min massage treatment to be used within 1 yr at our Wellness Centre. Transferable. No cash value.  Wellness Centre expected Spring 2024.

  • Unlimited secure access to our state of the art fitness facility using key fob or phone app

  • Exclusive membership only fitness facility. No drop in except for classes.

  • Guest pass: 1 pass per member per month. Guest must accompany member to the facility and you are responsible for their adherence to our policies. 


Respect the space. Respect each other. Keep it positive!

  • Tailgating is not permitted. This undermines our business and limits our ability to serve you better! Surveillance cameras are present throughout the interior and exterior of the facility. If any member is caught allowing another person (member or non-member) to access the facility as a “tailgater”, their membership may be revoked without refund

  • Indoor shoes: no outdoor shoes permitted in facility; help keep our space clean

  • Clothing: wear workout specific clothing with no lose belts, strings, etc. 

  • Sanitizing bottles and towels for each user; wipe down all equipment after use.

  • Scent-free: facility is scent free. That means no cologne, no offensive body odour or poor hygiene. This is to respect others that may have allergies, sensitivities or just don't want to smell you while they're enjoying a workout 🏋️‍♀️ 

  • Sounds: no foul language, excessive grunting/groaning, loud talking, music without headphones

  • Putting things away: return all used equipment to racks; help keep facility free of obstacles.

  • Cell phone use: please, for the love of Pete, step away from equipment if you need to take a call or check your phone apps, no blocking or monopolizing equipment.

  • Report any issues directly to management.

    • Do not attempt to repair any equipment on your own.

    • Report any spills, injuries, faulty equipment. 

    • Give us feedback so we catch any issues early

    • Play safe, have fun, be your best

  • Any member found to be in violation of gym etiquette, impacting the safety or positive environment we strive to maintain may have their membership revoked without refund. All decisions are at the discretion of management. 

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